What do we do?

Brandwell is an independent branding agency. We build brands. We invent new names for them, create strategies, and seek out the right place for them on the shelf, the one they deserve. We design packaging and identification. We refresh the images of existing brands or packaging. We work closely with our clients in the belief that partnership and mutual trust are the right foundation for building true values. Not only do we design, but we often advise – sharing our experience. We don’t simply provide colourful images; we provide comprehensive solutions for effective market competition.

What don’t we do?

Free tenders. We don’t participate in free tenders. We have to pay our designers, copywriters and strategists for carefully tailored designs. Agencies that value their talents, work and time work only and exclusively on the basis of paid tenders. Only this form of cooperation guarantees designs of the highest quality.

Exclusivity. We are professionals and it often happens that we work for several clients from the same market sector, such as the cosmetics market, where we have considerable experience. We treat each client very individually. We respect the confidentiality of each commission, but we cannot afford to accept contractual clauses that prevent us from working for competitive brands.

How do we do it? In brief.

Strategy. We start by defining the place where the brand presently finds itself. We define its public. We examine their world to better understand their true needs. We look for unique brand features – thanks to which we often build market advantage.

Creation. Yes, we are artists, but not detached from business realities. This has nothing to do with whether a design looks nice or not; designs must reflect the objectives laid down in the strategy and be attractive to the target group of consumers.

Implementation. We bring our designs to life. We organize photo shoots, employ the best illustrators, talented copywriters, art directors, typographers, and prepare materials for printing. We combine the expertise of many people to obtain the best and most effective result possible.

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